World Philosophy Day 2021 – Empowering a real change!

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A big shoutout to all the participants on World Philosophy Day 2021 – Empowering a real change! We had an inspiring evening discussing ideas like leadership and leading oneself, freedom, creating change, the meaning of life, how to find our inner voice and follow it and much more. A big THANK YOU to all the panel members who inspired us with their life stories and words of wisdom. Thank you Mariam Issa, Koky Saly, Ariel Druckman. We would also like to thank and send our condolences to Stacey Aslangul, who was part of the panel with her heart but couldn’t join at the last moment due to unfortunate circumstances. Thanks to Keith Rhodes from Clips That Sell for all the audio/video work. Thanks to Revolver Lane for their beautiful cosy space and helping us with all our needs. Lastly, we would like to share lovely feedback from one of the participants who summarises the event’s main message beautifully. “Thank you for an enlightening presentation. As an older person, I was impressed with the panellists’ passion and the audience. The future can look more promising with such young people sharing their love and commitment. Well done. Regards, Peter”

Looking forward to seeing you at our future events. 🙏

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